Titya has always wanted to make jewellery. However, it took some time for the creative process to take hold before it finally became obvious. The inspiration came naturally when her Mauritian Hindu parents-in-law passed away and their ancestors were from Tamil Nadu (South India). The various religious rituals she attended with her husband and daughter were the beginning of her collection.

The scenography of the temples, the innumerable deities and the meaning of death in this religion, which is a transmigration of the soul towards reincarnation and immortality, brought to light for Titya the need to create a link between generations by proposing a heritage collection whose main objective is transmission. Indeed, it is a question of transmitting to one's children the Maitrī universe meaning "benevolence", or more precisely "benevolent love", that of a mother towards her child, that of grandparents towards their grandchildren.

Tityaravy is first and foremost a story of family and transmission.

Each piece of jewellery is inspired by an Avatar who is the incarnation of a deity on earth. These Avatars are usually depicted dressed up. This is how the designer's first inspirations were born.

The roots


Tityaravy jewellery is handmade, mainly in the designer's Parisian workshop. Some pieces come from Jaipur, a city located in the heart of India, known as the capital of precious stones.

The creations are composed of fine stones: Tourmaline, Rubellite, Opal or Topaz. These elements give each one its singular character thanks to the mix of colours that is so visual and optical. Titya works in gold, silver and some limited series in diamonds. Each piece of jewellery is unique: just as each reincarnated being has its own personality.