In Hinduism, the symbolism linked to nature has a great importance. Plants and flowers are used for the veneration of gods or for the protection of a place or a person.

Tityaravy strives to propose in its universe all the symbolism of lotus flowers through its eponymous collection, and for the past few seasons, the flowers have been colored thanks to the delicate work of enamel on rings, earrings and rushes made by Indian craftsmen located in the heart of Rajasthan, in Jaipur.

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The etymology of "Sai" comes from "Sa" (meaning "all") and "Ayi" (meaning "mother"); thus, Sai is the supreme mother of all beings. It is also the translation of a flower in Sanskrit.

Furthermore, the lotus flower symbolises wisdom. It is born in the so-called nourishing mud to draw its substance from it, but does not remain buried in it, since it blooms in the light of the sun, just as the wise man who is born in the material world, draws his substance from it, but does not remain buried in this material world: he rises above the waters which represent the mind and its agitations. He then blossoms in the light of pure consciousness.