After launching her jewelry line under her eponymous TITYARAVY brand in 2017, designer Titya Tin is fulfilling one of her dreams by offering the first pieces in a collection of exceptional objects, guided by the desire to offer us tableware that is both colorful and dreamlike.

ethnic jewellery


Illustration is an art form that has always evoked a sense of well-being in Titya. Divine Illustrations or patterns with plant motifs have largely contributed to her creative character. Having launched her own line of high-fashion jewelry and opened her first boutique on rue Chabanais, this illustration is a natural extension of her artistic approach. The idea of a drawing with animals came from her son Willow, who from an early age created his world around these creatures, especially the leopard, the main character in this work.  

UN LEOPARD À TABLE is the first Tityaravy illustration. This painting, created by Morgane Rozel, is produced on grained paper with over 53 colors and shades. Drawn entirely from colored pencils, it's a hypnotic, unique work, just like Tityaravy jewelry. A creation inspired by the brand's subtly vintage and colorful universe.

This drawing subtly evokes a relationship with feminine sensuality, thanks to curves, flowers and jewels. The superimposition of the various elements in this illustration reveals a layering that cannot be concealed. The colors show a certain harmony that has been present on the necklaces since day one.