Talisman Veha Diopside Talisman Veha Diopside
Veha Diopside necklaces / Talisman

Talisman Veha Diopside

The Veha talisman is composed of diopsides with their intense green hues. It is adorned with our heart-shaped Gini pendant, set with a London Blue topaz and highlighted with diamonds all around. 


Delicate, feminine pieces that invite you to layer; pair them with models from the same collection to enhance your stacking. 


The new Veha and Amara collections feature simple yet elegant details, just like our timeless Lotus and Kamala collections.

A piece of jewelry embroidered on thread, evoking the ties that bind us together. Jewels charged with meaning.

Gemstones: Diopside
Pendant: London topaz (blue) + set diamonds
Beige thread
24-carat gold-plated silver
Length: 66 cm + 3 cm extension
Made in France
Free delivery in France.
Free returns
Payment in 3 times

Maintenance tips

With this jewel

Maintenance tips

Respecting a few precautions for use and maintenance will allow you to keep your jewellery in perfect condition for a long time.
The precious stones and metals that make up your jewellery are delicate materials. Choose your jewellery according to your activities

Itis best to avoid wearing your jewellery in the following situations:
- When washing your hands, to avoid soap deposits getting into the gaps and tarnishing your jewellery.
- When doing activities that require the use of corrosive products (gardening, cleaning, washing up...), to avoid damaging the stones that adorn your jewellery.
- When practising sports activities to avoid shocks and scratches.

We also recommend avoiding:
- Exposing your jewellery to high heat: temperature variations can irreversibly damage the precious stones.
- wearing perfume or make-up while wearing your jewellery: the chemical ingredients contained in cosmetic products are harmful to certain

For all silver jewellery

Silver jewellery naturally oxidises with air and humidity.

Occasional cleaning with a special cloth will keep the silver shiny and remove the oxidation.

In order to avoid oxidation as much as possible, keep your silver jewellery in a closed bag protected from the air.

For all jewellery covered with gold or silver

It is not advisable to wear jewellery while sleeping, swimming or doing sport. Also avoid contact with perfumes and cosmetics.

The patina tends to disappear over time. The speed with which it disappears depends on how well the jewellery is cared for. Fading patina is the result of perfectly normal natural wear and tear.

For all jewellery

Store your jewellery individually.

For jewellery with stones

Be sure to protect your stones from bumps and scratches.

Talisman Veha Diopside
Talisman Veha Diopside
Sizing guide

To define your size, measure the circumference of your fingers and refer to the table below.

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4514,33 ¼-
4614,63 ¾-
47154H ½
4815,34 ½I ½
4915,64 ¾J ½
5015,95 ¼L
5116,25 ¾-
5316,86 ¼N
5417,26 ¾O
5517,57 ¼P
5617,87 ½-
5818,48 ¼Q ½
5918,88 ¾R
6019,19R ½